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Costa Rica
Costa Rica is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Central America because of its comfortable lifestyle, peaceful democracy and overwhelming natural beauty. The country’s Disneylike cast of creatures – ranging from howler monkeys to toucans – are populous and relatively easy to spot. The waves are prime, the beauty is staggering and the sluggish pace seductive. A peaceful oasis in a tumultuous region, this tiny nation draws 1.5 million visitors every year. To put things in perspective, consider the fact that prior to 1950, half of the country struggled with grinding poverty, and living beyond the age of 50 was an achievement in itself.
Great food, great times in Ojochal
A wave of 800 or so foodies swept over the Pacific coast last Saturday, inundating The Great Culinary Festival organized by El Sabor de Ojochal...
Must-See places in Costa Rica
Le Caméléon Boutique Hotel
The serene atmosphere here is wonderfully relaxing. Smart, contemporary décor cleverly melds with the rustic ambience and intriguing lighting that changes colour each day...
Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort
Welcome to a unique Costa Rica vacation experience, unparalleled in the world. Tabacon Grand Spa offers the unique combination of the energy of the active Arenal Volcano...