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Picturesque colonial centers, Kichwa villages, Amazonian rainforest and the breathtaking heights of the Andes – Ecuador may be small, but it has a dazzling array of wonders. The historic centers of Quito and Cuenca are lined with photogenic plazas, 17th-century churches and monasteries, and beautifully restored mansions. Wandering the cobblestone streets amid architectural treasures from Spanish colonial days is a fine way to delve into the past. You can travel further back by contemplating great pre-Columbian artworks at museums across the country. Beyond the cities, the Ecuadorian landscape unfolds in all its startling variety. There are Andean villages renowned for their colorful textiles and sprawling markets, Afro-Ecuadorian towns where days end with meals of fresh seafood and memorable sunsets, and remote settlements in the Amazon..
Restoration of Historic Stained Glass Windows Plan
The stained glass windows in the Church of San Alfonso were created by the French artist Henri Gesta of Toulouse, France in the 19th Century...
Must-See places in Ecuador
La Selva Jungle Lodge
One of the first Amazon rainforest lodges in Ecuador, the award winning La Selva was completely remodeled and reopened in July of 2012, and has become the premier eco lodge...
Experience Ecuador's Amazon in a comfortable way. Our unique Amazon Lodge is located in the upper Amazon basin overlooking the majestic Napo River...